Thursday 20 August 2020

Dating and Covid*

Who could have guessed back in March that lockdown would very much still be a thing all the way into August?! Albeit lockdown has eased in many places across the UK, although we do still have little pockets of locations that have recently had to go back into lockdown. Which must be incredibly frustrating, being not only back to being stuck in your home, but knowing that the rest of the county is free to roam around.


No matter your living situation many things will have undoubtedly changed. Be it that you were living with family, happy doing your own thing being single, or were enjoying the Belfast Dating scene. We have all had to adjust to spending an increased amount of time in the presence of those we live with, or a degreased amount of time with those we don’t.

Admittedly I wasn’t overly worried about this. Given that Mike and I have both been working from home we have ample distraction during the day to keep ourselves occupied. Plus we spent over two months with only each other for company back when we went traveling in America together, so it’s something that has been tried and tested before.


If anything we’ve loved and cherished having the extra time together. With an hour long commute removed from either side of our working day we are able to pursue our separate active hobbies straight from work and then have much more evening to spend together enjoying each other’s company.


As much as things have been great for us, there are those who perhaps haven’t been so fortunate. There are no doubt a lot of singles out there who have had the already challenging world of dating made that little bit more difficult. Perhaps talking to someone they like on sites such as Belfast Dating Site, making a connection and feeling ready to meet and then BAM lockdown throws a rather significant spanner in the works.


All hope is not lost though, and whilst social distancing is very much still extremely important the slightly more relaxed rules do allow for some interaction beyond what is achievable via a phone or computer.


We have been fortunate enough in the UK to have lovely weather for the past few weeks which opens up far more possibilities of things to do that are safe. From a trip to the beach (providing it isn’t overcrowded of course) to a distanced walk around a park. Many pubs, restaurants and cafes are now back up and running, allowing potential for a conventional coffee date or even a meal.


Of course it is worth being mindful that despite the fantastic job that many establishments are doing in terms of keeping us all safe, a meal out will inevitably mean sitting directly across from your date, which may be closer than some people will be comfortable with. There is always the option however, to order your food to take away and go and sit somewhere outside in the sun (or shade if that’s your thing) where you can enjoy your food while maintaining a suitable distance from each other.


As long as you feel comfortable with whatever you arrange and are adhering to the covid-19 guidelines then go for it.


                            * This is a sponsored post, please see my disclaimer for more information.


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