Monday 3 August 2020

August Goals

Hello August! I can’t quite fathom how fast this year is going, although given how 2020 has been that’s perhaps not a bad thing..

A new month of course means a new set of goals, but first let’s have a look at how I did with the goals I set for last month;

Keep up Couch to 5k

I’ve successfully kept this up and am now nearing my final week!

Shift some weight

I’ve not done fantastically with this but it was my birthday in July, so there was no way I was going to deny myself some indulgence. Some healthier eating combined with my running has helped my shift a few pounds, and it’ll start to get easier now that the gyms are open again.

Find some new backdrops

So whilst I didn’t find any new backdrops, I did scour a nearby woodland for some bark, which I have used to take a few product photos with. I’ve also been making a point of moving around the house to create backdrops from things we have. For example, the old, sun bleached whiskey barrel outside is great when its bright out!

Write some more content

I’ve finished off a few posts and even taken some photos for them, so I have a few that are ready to go in August, so I’m putting this down as a win.

SEO & Traffic

This went even better than I planned! I’ve managed to move my domain authority into double figures, I’ve worked through and tweaked some older posts to make them more SEO friendly, and I managed more than 1,000 more views this month compared to last, so I’m really pleased! 


Do something different with my hair

Well… I tried to, but it didn’t really work. I wanted a dark pink toward my roots that faded down to a candy floss pink towards my ends, but I just couldn’t get my hair light enough for such a pale colour. Sure, it was pretty blonde, but I didn’t want to keep bleaching it, and silver tone shampoo only helped so far and didn’t quite eliminate the copper tone. I’ve now gone over the whole thing with some red I had left over, so I’ve gone full circle and back to vibrant red!

Check my credit score

I had a little look at my credit score, and everything looks as it should. I’ll start doing some bits to boost it a little more over the next few months, as I’d like it as close to ‘perfect’ as possible.

Do some baking

There wasn’t a lot of baking done in July, but I did make banana bread and cinnamon swirls so I did do a little!


I’m pretty pleased with how I got on with last month’s goals, and if I do say so myself think I did pretty well with them. So let’s have a look at my goals for next month;

Have some date nights

As ‘eat out to help out’ is going on through August I want to take the opportunity to go on some date nights with Mike. I’ve had a look online and there’s a pretty extensive list of places taking part, some of which I’ve never heard of, so it’ll be nice to go to some different places together.

Drop a little more weight

I’ve done pretty well and dropped some pounds, but I’d like to shift a little bit more. I’ve had some new supplements arrive which include a fat burner and a pre-workout, so hopefully these will give me a little boost and help me hit my target.

Start getting up earlier

We’ve now been told at work that we’ll be returning to the office around September time, which means I’ll have to factor getting ready time and an hour commute back into my mornings. It’s safe to say I’m not looking forward to it. To try and soften the blow a little I want to start getting up closer to my regular time, so that I can start to adjust to it now and not be exhausted when I return to my old routine.  

Beat last month’s blog views

I was doing really well with my views, until Covid happened and they dropped right down. I’m now almost back to my pre-covid numbers, but I’d quite like to keep increasing them, and beat them if I can.


Have a day on the coast

We’ve had such lovely weather of late, and should do for a little while still so I’d like to have a day at the beach.

Get back in the gym

I’ve been doing pretty well with my running, but now that the gym is open again I’d like to get back into some swimming and be able to do some weights. Although I think I’ll keep my cardio to outside still.

Refresh some more posts

Some of my posts are quite old now, so I’d like to get some of them rewritten, updated and make them more SEO friendly. There’s quite a lot of them so working through a few now should help me in the long run.


That sums up all of my upcoming goals for August. I’ve kept the number quite small to try and keep them as  manageable as I can.

What are your goals for this month?  




  1. I'm sure you'll absolutely smash these goals!!

  2. Some great goals. Well done for sticking to couch to 5K!! That's a great way to getting into running and fitness. Ouch, good idea to start getting up early ready for back to work. I can imagine that really being a shock to the system after so long working from home! :)

    Helen |

    1. I've kind of gone a little awol with C25K of late - although I am running, so it's done what it was supposed to!
      I'm really not looking forward to it, I've got some spare holiday so I'm tempted to use some to make my first few weeks back shorter to ease myself in!

      Em x


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