Tuesday 18 August 2020

Too Faced Natural Nudes

No, I don’t need any more make up pallets, but yes I have added another one to my collection! To be fair though I have been eyeing this one up ever since I saw the Too Faced Spring collection, and with everything going on at the time this launched I thought I’d treat myself, so this was part of my large beauty haul in the early part of April.


Admittedly I was a little hesitant when it came to purchasing this palette. Yes I love Too Faced, and yes, it is beautiful AND comes with three shades that can be used on any part of your face as a highlighter… but my most recently purchased Too Faced pallet, Natural Lust, just didn’t live up to the usual Too Faced standard. I’m not sure if I had a dud, as I’ve always love Too Faced shadows or if they had dropped their quality for that particular pallet. Either way, it was difficult to work with and had terrible colour payoff. After a little deliberation I decided to take the plunge and go for it given that one bad pallet out of several good ones was still a pretty good ratio.

This complexion inspired pallet typically retails for £35, however I picked it up for £29.75 excluding postage from John Lewis in their online sale. I think I was partly drawn to this pallet, because to me the colour story it bears certain similarities to the Textured Neutrals pallet released a wile ago by Tati Beauty – another that I don’t need, but will no doubt buy anyway at some point in the future.

Inspiration for this pallet came from within the existing ‘Born this way’ foundation collection, and each of the 16 shades in the pallet was inspired by a corresponding shade of the Born this way foundation. With a mixture of both matte and sparkle shades, this pallet is versatile enough for an everyday work look, an evening look, or anything in between. Given it’s neutral tones, I would say that this is a very ‘safe’ pallet, especially for those who don’t typically wear make-up, or don’t like a brightly coloured eye look.

Moving onto the pallet itself, it is a little smaller than the tin pallets such as Sweet Peach, and whilst not quite as sturdy feeling as the tins it doesn’t feel cheap or fragile at all. I would say it feels of higher quality than Natural Lust which is of a similar design as far as the packaging is concerned. It comes with a reasonable sized mirror, as well as a plastic insert to protect your shadows. Unlike some of the other Too Faced Pallets I own, this doesn’t have a scent, which is fine, as I’m using foundations and primers from the peach collection that do, and whilst nice to have, scent certainly isn’t essential. I first tried this after cleaning all of my makeup brushes as well as purchasing a few new ones so had nice fresh, clean tools to work with, so it was a bit of a treat really. Even more so given it was the first time in a week or so I decided to wear makeup.

I found the mattes to be nicely pigmented and very easy to work with. I would suggest a light hand when it comes to the darker shades in the pallet, and to build up as you blend or you could very easily end up with far too much. Remember, it is far easier to add more than to take it away! The shades worked well together, and my only gripe was that Swan, the pale matte in the top left corner could do with being a touch lighter for my skin tone, as that is typically the shade I would pick to highlight my brow. That is however, entirely personal preference.

The pigment and payoff with the glitter shades is somewhat dependant on what you are using to apply them. I found that a dry brush did very little, whereas a damp brush had a pretty reasonable result. My preference when it comes to these types of shadows is to apply them with my finger, as it just seems to be the best method for me personally. There is a little bit of fallout with the glitter shades, but not to a level that is off-putting, I would say it is actually quite minimal.

All in all, this was a really lovely pallet to use, and I’m really pleased I decided to purchase it rather than be put off by a previous purchase. I can see when I eventually return to working in the office, this becoming a firm staple in my every day make up routine.

Have you tried this pallet yet? What were your thoughts?

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