Monday 20 July 2020

Couch to 5K Week 6

Just like last week, this week brought with it three different runs to complete, rather than the same run three times as has been done before in previous weeks. In fact this week was exactly the same as last week in that the first run required running for 5 minutes at a time. The second run required 10 minutes at a time, and the final run was to be a continuous 25 minutes. Having done this once already I felt a little more at ease with these runs, knowing that I could very nearly run for the full 25 minutes when I made the attempt last week.


Run One

I’ll be honest, I absolutely hated this run, and kind of wish I’d have just taken a rest day and moved my schedule. I had a terrible night’s sleep the night before, felt nauseous and was under fuelled for my run as I hadn’t been able to eat much in the day time. The whole thing felt like a struggle (and it was) and I felt drained before I had even got through the warm up walk, which didn’t set me up well for my run at all.


My low energy levels meant that my pace was very slow and there was a lot of stopping – not stopping as in slowing to a walk, I’m taking kneeling on the floor stopping. Given that my fitness is much better than this I was clearly under the weather and really should have listened to what my body was telling me. Whilst I didn’t injure myself or anything like that, this is the kind of run when these things occur.


Run Two

Having had a rest day, slept better and taken in a good amount of food and water I felt much better as I was going into this run. I was a little cautious given how low energy I had been a few days prior, but I didn’t have any problems at all for this run.


I ran for the full 10 minutes it wanted me to with little struggle and even had the energy to add another mile onto the end of my run, so this was a vast improvement from just two days prior where I couldn’t even manage 2 minutes.


Run Three

Perhaps I was just having an off week or something, but this run was very similar to run one. Admittedly I wasn’t quite as tired as I had been for my first run of the week, but I still felt very low on energy. Rather frustratingly my Strava switched itself to kilometres rather than miles so it was hard for me to know what my pace was while I was running. When I checked the settings at the end of my run, it told me that it was recording in miles, so who knows what happened to it.


About 12 minutes in I slipped on a section of uneven ground and pulled the inside of my calf down into my ankle which caused a lot of pain for the duration of my run. In fact it was enough pain that I ended up having to walk for most of the remainder of the route and had a nice swelling starting to appear when I got home. Luckily I have a rather large supply of ice packs, heat packs and ibuprofen gel so was able to calm it down.



Due to my little slip during the third run of the week, I didn’t do any additional runs over the weekend, deciding to let my leg and ankle rest instead. It doesn’t feel like much more than a tweaked muscle so I’m not too worried about it causing too much trouble on my next week, but I guess that’ll become apparent when I next try to run on it. All I can do is take it slow and steady and listen to what my body is telling me.


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