Thursday 20 February 2020

Chasing Nostalgia | Returning to Nashville

Something I feel I missed the opportunity to talk about on here was our little adventure around America back toward the end of 2017. Given how long ago it was, I do feel like I’ve kind of missed the boat a little bit. In fact the only reason I didn’t write about it, was because this blog was brand new upon our return and I hadn’t quite got into the swing of things yet. We were away for almost 2 months, and travelled across the county in what I would describe as a slightly wonky ‘N’ shape. We started off in New York, then moved on to Nashville, down to New Orleans, up to Canada for the Christmas period and then ended the trip with a bang in Vegas for New Year. With the very different locations, climates and experiences I could go on and on about what we did on our travels, although this post would end up rather long.

One place that stood out the most for both Mike and I however, is perhaps not the one you’d expect from the list I gave. It wasn’t the Big Apple, and it wasn’t Vegas, although we certainly enjoyed both. The location that ended up being the favourite for us both, was actually Nashville in Tennessee. 

Both Mike and I are big lovers of country music, and it was that love that of course put Nashville as a logical stop on our route in the first place. That, and it’s a relatively short drive from the Jack Daniels distillery, which Mike wanted to visit. Nashville was our second stop, and a welcome relief after the hectic nature of New York city. Even from the instant we got our hire car, an extremely blue Ford Mustang, we felt far more relaxed than we had in New York. Despite the fact we were driving on the wrong side of the road, in a place we’d never been, with unfamiliar signage and road rules. Although they do all drive automatics, so that did make things easier!

Even from the moment we first stepped foot in our hotel we were immediately drawn into the friendly nature of everyone we met. It was probably the most basic of all the hotels we stayed in, and it was certainly the cheapest, but this was the place on all of our travels we felt the most comfortable and at home. Since returning home to the UK, we’ve dreamed of returning to the US, especially to Nashville.

This is why, at the end of May 2020 we’ll be gathering up our closest friends and heading across the pond not only for an adventure together, but to finally get married. As much as we enjoyed traveling just the two of us as a couple, we did miss our friends and family greatly while we were away. Even more so when we came across things we knew they’d love if they were there. This isn’t just a simple road trip with loved ones though. After a lot of thought and a lot of reviewing of our options, Mike and I had decided to get married in Nashville.

We’ve finally found and booked our venue for early June, and I absolutely cannot wait. We’ve been engaged since Halloween 2017, and have gone through so many different suggestions and ideas of where and how to tie the knot, always circling back to America, especially Tennessee as it was so special to us. Both of us want a small wedding with just our family and very close friends, and the venue we’ve found is absolutely perfect. The fact that is set in a place already full of fond memories makes it even more special.

Now we are frantically trying to finalise everything for the day, which is kind of daunting. If anyone has any advise or tips on organising a wedding abroad, please do share them as we’ll need all the help we can get!

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