Wednesday 4 March 2020

February Look Back | 2020

Well, here we are; March. I swear just a week ago it was Christmas, so I’m not quite sure how we’re in March already… but hey ho! It means spring and summer are inching closer and closer now, so there will be absolutely no complaint from me! Apologies this post is a few days late, I’m afraid I was hauled up in bed for the first few days of March feeling unwell.

If I had to sum up February with a word, that word would be BUSY which is probably partly why I fell victim to the sickness bug that’s been doing the rounds in our office of late. Although that’s probably also why it’s flown by so quickly. I’m almost through my probationary six months at the new(ish) job, and things are going really well still. We’ve had a member of our team go away to have a minor shoulder operation, and I’ve been asked to cover for her for 6 weeks, which is obviously a good sign in terms the trust my manager has put in me to maintain two workloads. 

Speaking of operations, my friend, who had an operation on her spine at the very end of January is doing fantastic, has recovered really well and even went back to work at the end of February to start her phased return, which is obviously really great.

Given that her recovery went as well as it did, it meant she could join in for Mike's birthday, for which our chosen theme was an American Frat party! The boys all dressed up in various basketball and American Football attire, while us girls all got matching cheer-leading outfits. We had a massive plastic box in which we made a delicious punch that went down brilliantly, and everyone had a fantastic time.

Mike and Boots share a birthday, so naturally the fur baby was spoiled rotten as well, as he should be. He’s never been particularly interest in cat toys, but he loves boxes. As a treat for him we saved up all our boxes from various deliveries, and threw them all on the floor for him to play in. It was quite funny watching him jump into one box, only to realise he’s got more and rotate through them until he’d sat in each one. He now seems to have a favourite box, so we’ve recycled the others so our living room isn’t left looking like a bin.

The weekend after Mike’s birthday I caught up with my good friend Maria, which was one of my goals for February. We met early on Saturday morning and travelled to Braintree in Essex to visit the outlet stores there, as its only about an hour and a half to drive. We had a great day out browsing, catching up and snagging ourselves some great bargains.

For the last weekend of March Mike and I decided to have a long weekend together, so booked the Friday off work. We’ve got very little holiday left as we are having 3 weeks off for our wedding later in the year, so we want to make sure we get the most out of the precious few days we have left. We started off productively, so I took the car for its MOT and did a food shop on the way home while Mike sorted the house. This meant we had the rest of the weekend to hide away from the world and do nothing, which was perfect.

We only ventured out on the Saturday, to go visit the Harley Davidson in Newmarket, as there was an event there with loads of sales. Needless to say I came away with my purse feeling a lot lighter than when we got there…

I also had a little bit of a re-focus on my word of the year at the end of February, as I am determined to have a positive 2020 after some major lows of 2019. There’s not been many events so far where I’ve had to re-centre myself, but the scenario cropped up where I had to remind myself that the only persons emotions and behaviours I can control are my own. There will always be people who speak or act in a way that isn’t always positive, but it’s down to me to be stern with my boundaries of what I accept, remain constructive, and bear in mind the positive aspect of those people.

This renewed way of thinking is having a pretty positive impact so far, and I’m optimistic that I’ll see the results I want from it. Time will tell I guess.

That just about sums up my February, and now we’ve moved into March we’re in proper countdown to our wedding, which is in 13 weeks from today! What did you get up to in February?



  1. Thank you! He's so funny, he's never shown and interest in any cat toy we've ever brought him, and then one day we had some boxes stacked up by our door waiting to be recycled and found him playing in them!

    We're on proper count down now! Eeeep! You too, have a great month!

    Em x

  2. Sounds like a super busy month!
    I'm getting married this year too I'm so excited

    1. Oh that’s exciting! Congratulations! The list of things to be done seems never ending doesn’t it? 🙈

      Em x


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