Thursday 2 December 2021

Moi-meme Luxe - The Senses Box - 2021


Hello and welcome to another post! I know that I promised in my last post in October that I would do better with posting on here, and then haven't posted anything since. Oops. Better late then never though right!? Right. 

So todays post will be paired with another YouTube video - in which I unbox the Luxe Box that I talk about in todays post. You don't have to watch / read both, but if you do want to watch the video you can find it here.

Cashmere Mix Bed Socks - RRP £23

So, this was actually the last item I got to in my unboxing, but the first when I came to write todays post. As cliché as it might seem to receive socks around Christmas time, I was very pleased to have got them - so pleased that I'm wearing them right now! 

I'm a massive lover of cosy bed socks and I have to say that my current ones have been worn to death a little bit, so it was lovely to receive a brand new pair to relax around the house in. The material is warm, but not overly thick, so you could easily wear these under a pair of boots out and about. These socks were available in three colours: Blue, Pink and Cream, and I myself received the blue pair - as these are reserved for relaxing in the evenings, I can't say that I'd have had any preference either way. 

London Botanical Laboratories - Bakuchiol + CBD 8 Hour Renew Night Cream - RRP £79-£89

I'm always very pleased to receive skincare in my boxes - especially one with a retail price such as this one, because I would be very unlikely to splurge that kind of money just to try something out. This is one of the many reasons I love this particular subscription box, as I receive items that I would typically overlook, or be too concerned about the price to try.

I didn't want to talk too much about this product in my unboxing video because I wanted to try it out first, but having now trialled this night cream for over a month I can confirm: I love it. Being a night cream I was slightly concerned that it would be thick and heavy in texture (something I usually avoid because it causes me to break out) but it's actually light and fast absorbing into the skin. The cream leaves absolutely no residue behind and my skin felt improved from the very first application. 

Having used for a month I can honestly say that I have noticed a positive change to my skin. My skin type is very much combination - I'm very oily in the summer, and then in the winter I switch to painfully dry skin. Using this twice a day has kept the dryness at bay, and kept me with clear and comfortable skin. 

There were three variations of this product, which were: Anti aging, smoothing and renewing (which is what I got) Hydrating, Smoothing and Protective. And finally Brightening, lightweight and Glow-giving. 

River Birch Candle - RRP £12    

Now, I could smell this product before I even opened the box, which is testament to how good it is! This beautiful little candle packs a good punch when it comes to the scent, but at the same time isn't sickly or overpowering. I can't comment on the burn time yet, as I haven't got all the way through this candle, but I can confirm that so far the burn has been even and clean.

This candle easily filled our large living room, and is a pleasure to use at this time of year. Whilst I received 'Apple Cinnamon', I would have been more than happy with any of the alternatives, which were: Pumpkin Spice, Maple Cinnamon, Warm Vanilla Cotton and Firewood. 

Coco Pzazz - Chocolate Bar - RRP £3    

I always look forward to the sweet treats in the Moi-meme boxes, because again, I always receive things that I either didn't know existed, or things I wouldn't think to pick up and try. In my box I received the Rose and Raspberry Dark Chocolate bar, which was one of two vegan options. 

The other possible options in the box were; Ginger and Dark Chocolate (vegan), Peanut Brittle Milk Chocolate, Toasted Almond Milk Chocolate, Caramel and Honeycomb White Chocolate, and Salted Pistachio White Chocolate. Aside from the first alternative, it's safe to say that I would have been happy with any one of these. The bar I did receive was absolutely delicious and a nice chance seeing as I don't usually have dark chocolate in the house.

Joma Jewellery London - RRP £14-£19

Next up in the box was a pretty silver necklace by Joma Jewellery. The card actually described it as a bracelet, but given the length of the chain I'm convinced it's a necklace - I've even worn it as one! 

Jewellery can be tricky for me, as I don't usually wear it, but the necklace I received is very pretty, and I'm pleased to confirm that I have found occasion to wear it!

Naturally European Lip Balm - £5

Last but by no means least was a decent sized lip balm in the flavour mint. Admittedly mint probably isn't the flavour I would have chosen out of the selection, although that is more down to a mental block about mint flavoured products than anything else. I typically find that anything 'mint' related for the lips will tingle and be uncomfortable. I urm'ed and arr'd about exchanging this item for another flavour, before deciding to go ahead and try it. I was pleased to find there was no uncomfortable tingling, which makes this perfect to chuck in my handbag to keep the winter weather at bay.

The other available flavours were: Ginger and Line, Grapefruit, Elderberry, Blackcurrant, and Pomegranate. 

All in all, this was an absolutely fantastic box to receive. If you are interested in subscribing to your own Luxury box with Moi-meme, the current price for an annual subscription is £54.95. Given everything received in the box you more than get your moneys worth, and as such I highly recommend giving it a try. 

Do you subscribe to any subscription boxes? I'd love to hear about them!


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