Monday 1 March 2021

March Goals - 2021

Wow, hasn’t this year flown by? We’re a quarter of the way through already. Although it doesn’t feel like we’ve managed to do very much thanks to another lockdown. Although that being said, March does mark something special for us – today Mike and I have been married for six months!


So let’s have a look at how I did with last month’s goals;


Get on track with the blog

Whilst there won’t have been much going on as far as you guys can see, there’s been a fair bit going on in the background. I’ve been writing posts, taking photos and I’m even switching up things like logos and headers. The result should be more posts throughout March and hopefully in the future!


Change my hair colour

This is in progress, but I have started. So far all I’ve done is strip the red colouring out of my hair, leaving a kind of blonde / orange tone. Next up I will be bleaching it in order to lighten it up to a blonder colour and then once I’ve achieved a lighter shade I can start working towards my actual goal colour.


Be better with my skincare routine

Since getting a few new bits and pieces I’ve been much better with my skincare, which is just as well because it has been feeling awful lately. My usually oily skin seems to have switched to rather dry, so my usual routine simply hasn’t been cutting it. I’ll be covering some of the new products I’ve been trying in a post very soon.


Pick out paint and wallpaper

A few weeks ago I brought some paint samples and swatched them on the wall I intend to paint. I have picked my favourite of the lot, brought the paint and started to get it up on the wall. I pretty much know the wallpaper I want to use, so it’s just a case of getting it, and I’ve even found some furniture I like as well.


Assemble the ‘greenhouse’

So… I still haven’t actually assembled the greenhouse, however, that is because it is going to go in the room that I am currently decorating. Once I’ve painted what I want to, it can then go up as there’s no point in assembling it just to have to keep dragging it out of the way, especially given that it’s fairly heavy. I also need to get hold of a drill that can go through metal so that I can get all my wires and such in for the lamps, fans and heat mat.



I didn’t do too badly in last month’s set of goals, so let’s have a look at my goals for the coming month;


Run 20k

Although I hasten to add.. not all in one go. My running has been pretty non-existent since January. It’s been muddy, it’s been cold which hits my asthma, but more than any of that I just couldn’t be bothered to go. Given that I usually cover 5k when I run, a 20k total through the month should be more than achievable.


Finish painting

Now that I’ve brought everything I need, I want to get the new beauty room painted. I’m somewhat stalling on the wallpaper, simply because I’ve never done it before and don’t want to mess it up – so if any of you have any tips, I’d love to hear them! Although fortunately the wall I want to paper is small, with no plugs, switches or windows to work around!


Wardrobe refresh

I haven’t brought myself new clothes for ages, mainly because there hasn’t been much point while we’ve been in lockdown. With the end somewhat in sight I want to get a few more bits for my wardrobe, as well as clear out the things I know I no longer want.


Try some new recipes

It’s very easy to sink into a routine, especially when it comes to meals so I want to try some things that I haven’t made previously. I have recently started to watch Hu’s Kitchen on YouTube and he shares some great recipes that are really easy to follow.


Finalise my flexible working

Now, I don’t have full control over this as it depends on other people, what they approve and so on. However, I am in the process of trying to secure agreement for part time working from home once everything has gone back to ‘normal’. So far things are looking promising, and this is one of the biggest things to sort before Mike and I can look at getting a dog, which I’ve wanted to do for years. To be honest, he was somewhat put off by the idea due to experience with a dog he and a previous partner had – although it sounds like shared blame, and a bored dog that was left during the day due to work commitments. One of the factors that has persuaded him is that we will (hopefully) both be able to work from home part time, which means any future job will always have at least one of us in the house.


Finish my hair

I’m in no rush with changing my hair colour, and I want to save it from damage as much as possible The next step is to bleach it, and then depending on the colour I get from it I’ll either need to bleach again, or, I can start to tone it and get ready for my final colour. I’ve spent a bit extra on a bleach that contains bond builders, which will hopefully help save my hair from damage.



And here we’ve reached the end of my goals for the month! Again, all are fairly simple and achievable. With dwindling levels of motivation the last thing I want to do is set a load of goals and not hit any of them because it’s overwhelming, there’s just no point.


Hopefully when I check back next month I’ll have most if not all of these crossed off!


Do you have any goals for March?


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