Thursday 28 January 2021

Monsoon Rose Gold Perfume

Whilst in the midst of lockdown season three, I’ve been making a point to try and get ‘ready’ for work in the mornings. As a Corporate Broker much of my time before lockdown was spent in an office, be it mine or a client’s office. Since March 2020 however, I’ve been working from home, and the motions of putting on a full face of makeup, doing my hair and getting dressed up just feels a bit… pointless.


Unless I have a video call literally no one sees me, and even in the case of video calls, they are normally for a specific purpose and therefore there is prior notice. Just because the sentiment of dressing up for a day’s work doesn’t hold the same value doesn’t mean that I don’t want to do anything at all.


One thing I’ve found myself doing is trying out different scents, and I’ve found the Monsoon Rose Gold, which I received as a Christmas gift to be a firm favourite of mine. I can be a little particular about scents sometimes, but certainly find myself siding towards fruity and citrus based scents, which is exactly what you’ll find in this perfume. Along with fresh mandarin, rich vanilla and amber, this truly is a lovely scent.


A factor that is equally important to me as well as scent is the longevity of a perfume. I don’t like to be having to top up perfumes or makeup throughout the day, and working from home hasn’t changed that. Not only does the scent last all day, I tend to spray toward my hairline on the back of my neck and behind each ear and find that the scent lingers in my hair for as much as a few days.


In addition to a fabulous scent, the bottle itself is simple and attractive, and looks great on any vanity. The tear drop shaped glass bottle allows you to see the beautiful rose gold tone of the perfume, with the name of the perfume on the front of the bottle in a gorgeous rose gold text. Using the same rose gold shade is the gold collar, which is topped off with a simple clear cap.


The stunning scent combined with a simplistic design has promoted this perfume to one of my first favourites.


Have you tried Monsoon Rose Gold?


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