Thursday 7 May 2020

May Goals | 2020

Ok, I’ll be honest.. until I remembered that I was supposed to be writing a post catching up on my goals for last month, I kind of forgot I had any. I’ve been so wrapped up in my own little bubble it completely slipped my mind. That’s ok though, if ever there is a time to be a little distracted its now. Plus, I think I actually did pretty well at doing some of my goals regardless. 

First things first, let’s have a look at what I managed last month; 

Drink more water
I’ve done a really good job at increasing my water intake and it’s made a massive difference. My skin feels clearer and less tight, I’m no longer getting headaches towards the end of the day and I feel a lot better now that my hydration is better. 

Exercise at home
So my initial aim was to follow 5 workouts on YouTube each week. I didn’t really stick to that and it fizzled out pretty quickly. I have still been doing exercise though, and have been getting out for walks in the woods and countryside around where I live more or less daily. I’ve been covering fairly reasonable distance and have got to get out to see and explore some new places, which has been nice.   

Bath bombs
I’m rather glad I cut most of these in half, or I’d have run out by now. I’ve managed to get in some lovely pamper evenings using my bombs and still have plenty in stock.  

Group calls and face time
Before lockdown, myself and a lot of my friends enjoyed playing video games together which always involved being on an audio chat of some kind depending on what we are doing, so it has always been the ‘norm’ for us to keep in touch in this way. We’ve kept up with this so been in quite regular contact, but for my other friends who may not be into gaming or are in different circles I’ve been making regular phone calls. Each day when I go off on my walk, I call a different person to check in, see how they are and catch up. It’s been a lovely way of keeping in touch, especially when its people I would usually see infrequently.  

Keep a routine
This has been somewhat mixed. For the most part, I’ve got a little routine going, that I usually stick to, but there is the odd day where I don’t roll out of bed until 5 minutes before I’m supposed to be logged on and working. Admittedly this isn’t all that regular, so I’m not overly bothered about it. This tends to happen when I feel tired or drained, and I’d rather listen to my body and allow it a little more rest than drag myself up and be tired for the rest of the day.  

Find some screen-less hobbies
As I’m working from my dining table, I’m in front of two computer screens all day I wanted some pass times that didn’t involve yet another screen. I’ve pulled my colour therapy books out from under the stairs, been doing a few bits in the garden and of course I’m off walking for an hour or so each evening. I am then switching back to a screen, but the reprieve and time away from screens has been nice.   

Stay positive
I’ve had ups and downs in April, but overall I’ve managed to stay reasonably positive most of the time. There were certainly times when I was anything but, if you read my lookback you’ll know our wedding has had to be postponed a year which did result in a few days of feeling down as you would expect. Fortunately, the process of rearranging was so painless and easy we’ve managed to get everything sorted already. With everything moved on a year I feel far more at ease, which has in turn has helped with my overall mood and mind-set.

 Now that we’ve been through my goals for April, let’s get stuck into my goals for May;

Keep up the water
It’s great that I’ve managed to increase my water intake but now I need to keep it up, so this is a goal I’ll be carrying over.  

Do some online training
Working from home really works for me and I’ve managed to get ahead in a lot of my work. As I’m in good stead, I want to use the opportunity to sign myself up to some webinars and training that my work offers but that I would normally struggle to find time for.  

Cover more miles
I’ve been going further and further with my walks and feel great for getting out in the fresh air and doing some exercise. I don’t want to set a numerical goal, but I will set the goal that each week I would like to cover more distance than the previous week.  

Flexible working
Technically, at the time of posting I’ve already started the ball rolling with this a little earlier in May, but it was always going to be a goal for May. I’ve adjusted to working from home well, to the point that I actually prefer it. I want it to become a regular thing and not just go back to 5 days in the office when things eventually go back to normal. My goal is to get things moving with my formal request to work from home a few days a week.

 Plan some date nights
Going ‘out’ for date night isn’t as feasible at the moment as it usually would be, but we don’t want to just not do them. We’ve converted our garage into a bar, so a few weeks ago we set it up for a dinner out there. As strange as it was, it was really nice to have dinner together in a slightly different setting. I want to think of some more ideals for lockdown date nights. 

Send some letters
I’m keeping in regular contact with most of my friends and family, but there are a few that don’t really want to spend much time on a group face time or call. Whilst this may just be a preference of theirs, I want to make sure that they know they are in the loop, loved and that their friends are thinking of them. I’ve purchased myself a writing set and have some photos coming, and intend to write a letter to send together with some photos. Hopefully they’ll enjoy receiving these through their doors out of the blue and it’ll make them smile.

That sums up my goals for May. Much like April, I’m avoiding anything too taxing or having too many things to focus on (especially since I forgot I even had goals last month). My main focus is much like last month, take each day as it comes and try to make the best of things as they are now.

Do you have any goals for May?

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