Monday 18 May 2020

Body shop vitamin C Glow-Protect

Ever since we were given the all clear for daily exercise outside I've been making sure to get out and about for walks as much as possible. Partly to maintain some level of fitness, but also to get out of the house in general. I’m working from home at the moment, so think it’s essential to spend some time outside, which I’ve talked about in a little more depth over in a previous post. Unfortunately something I haven't been doing is wearing any kind of protection against the sun, which we've had a fair amount of in the past few weeks.

To be honest, sun protection is something I've never really got on well with. I know it’s necessary and important to protect our skin against harm from the sun’s rays and therefore really should be used, but any I've tried in the past has always felt heavy and greasy on my skin. Aside from not feeling very pleasant, being of an oily skin type this of course means breakouts which I'd obviously quite like to avoid as much as possible!

I’m pretty lucky in that I have fairly resilient skin when it comes to the sun, and it’s very rare that I burn. That being said, just because I can’t see the damage doesn’t mean it isn’t there and my lack of sun protection has recently become apparent in the form of two very faint sun spots. One under each eye, which serves to make me look twice as tired than I actually am, great. At least they are symmetrical I suppose…


At this point I knew I had to find something that could both alleviate the damage already present as well as prevent any further sun damage occurring, so I decided to give The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow-protect lotion a try.


Packed with Vitamin C and rich camu camu from the Amazonian rainforest, and formulated to revive tired and grumpy skin I knew this would be a good start when it came to healing my skin as well as acting as a moisturiser. In fact, Vitamin C is highly recommended when it comes to the reduction and healing of sun spots. On top of that this lotion boasts SPF30, so gives a good level of protection when it comes to protecting my skin from further damage. The retail price for this multi-use lotion is £15 for 50ml (1.69 fluid ounces) however if you order via a consultant they usually have all sorts of deals and discounts to save you some pennies.


The lotion has a pleasant but mild scent to it that doesn’t linger around on your face once applied. Much like any other product from the Vitamin C range I’ve tried this lotion feels very soft on the skin, sinks in almost immediately and in some ways feels quite similar in texture to a primer. As I mentioned before, I’ve typically avoided products with sun protection because they leave a greasy residue on my skin, but I didn’t find any such problem with this at all.  I also found that a little goes a long way and that only a tiny amount is needed to cover my face and neck.


On days I wear makeup which admittedly isn’t all that often at the moment, I’m usually pretty mindful about my skin routine prior to application. In fact, I have a separate skin care routine for makeup days compared to my no makeup days to ensure I have a suitable base for makeup that isn’t disturbed by my skin care products. Having trialled this lotion under makeup, both with and without a primer I can confirm that it doesn’t interfere or impact longevity in the slightest. In fact, I feel that it creates a slightly smoother base to work with, so things like foundation actually apply easier and look more flawless.


In terms of sun protection, my skin feels less tight and ‘warm’ after being out in the sun which can only be a good sign in terms of preventing further harm to my skin. Teamed up with a skin peel and a few weeks of using this product every morning has fades my sun spots significantly already. One is almost gone, and the other has improved drastically as well, hopefully a few more weeks use will clear them up completely.


Having done everything I wanted it to and more, this lotion has fast become a staple product in my morning routine. As someone who has historically hated using typical sun creams, it’s wonderful to find one that works well for me and doesn’t clog up my skin. The fact that its helped repair damage already caused by the sun is of course a massive bonus too.


Do you use SPF in your skincare routine?




  1. I have to use sunscreen. I burn so easily. Thanks for sharing this one!

    1. Oh no! I guess I'm lucky that I don't burn all that easily (although I should still use something to protect my skin). Do you have a favourite when it comes to sunscreen?


  2. Ooh this sounds like such a great product! I love the body shop, their skincare is all so lovely xo

    Makeup Muddle

    1. It's fantastic! So good to have while we have the lovely weather!

      I haven't used body shop in ages so it's nice to rediscover them!

      Em x

  3. I've never tried this range from TBS - but I am soooo tempted to! It looks great ��

    �� Marissa Belle × ��


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