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Moi-meme Luxe - The Jet Set Box - July 2021

Those of you who have been around for a little while will know that I currently have two separate subscription boxes with Moi-meme. As I couldn’t decide which one I wanted between the two, I have both, the monthly box, and the quarterly luxury box. 


Today’s post is about the quarterly box, also known as the Luxe box. The Luxe box is £54.95 per box, or £199.95 for four boxes. Subscribing will result in a box delivered to you in January, April, July and October. Now I know for some the Luxe box came appear a little pricey, so if you wanted to try the brand out I would recommend subscribing to the monthly box, which is £22.95 per month and can even be purchased as a one off box. You can check out my latest monthly box here.


For July we had ‘The Jet Set’ box. The inspiration for this box came from the world slowly beginning to open back up. From the hopes of freedom and international travel, the Jet Set Box was born. So, without any further delay, lets get stuck straight in with the contents of the July box!


Chasing Threads – Stitch Map Luggage Tag – RRP £25.00


First up in my box was this gorgeous little leather luggage tag from ‘Chasing Threads’. I’ve haven’t come across this brand previously but when I read the little story about how it came to be, I thought it was quite sweet story. Chasing Threads was founded by Em Royston, and it all started following a road trip across the USA with her boyfriend back in 2015. As a little memento of their trip together, Em stitched the route they had taken onto a map to frame as a gift for her boyfriend’s birthday. Em then developed this into a fabric cross stitch for the company she was working for at the time, before eventually setting up on her own.


The story made me think back to when Mike and I spent a few months travelling in the USA a few years ago. The brand doesn’t just do luggage tags either, the range includes passport covers, tote bags, travel wallets and much more. If you don’t want something travel related, that’s absolutely fine because Chasing Threads has all kinds of other products to choose from.


For the ‘Jet Set Box’ we were sent these cute leather luggage tags, that came in a variety of colours. Those who have opted to receive vegan products were sent a slightly different PU tag instead. I got the navy tag with gold and teal thread, which probably would have been my first choice or colour, closely followed by the grey tag.


Lola’s Apothecary – Body Soufflé – RRP £38.00 - £43.00


As a long time subscriber of Moi-meme, I have actually come across this brand before in the form of a candle that I really enjoyed. Lola’s Apothecary are based on a cattle farm in Devon and formulate all their products in small batches by hand. Each and every product is designed to bring an element of self-care to the user, be it a relaxing scent, a salt bath, some yummy chocolate or wonderfully soft skin. The brand is quite pricey, but from what I’ve tried so far it’s safe to say that you are paying for a quality product that’s a real treat to use.


This gorgeously presented Body Soufflé is said to work wonders on dry or rough skin, which I’m suffering a little bit of at the moment thanks to an eczema flare up. The soufflé itself is vegan friendly, and made from 100% natural ingredients. Subscribers were sent the soufflé in one of two scents: ‘Tranquil Isle’ and ‘Monsoon Paradise’. Mine was the latter, and is a blend of Citrus, Amyris and Lisylang Heart with notes of Jasmine an Rose. It smells absolutely wonderful, with a fresh citrus smell with the lightest touch of a floral tone. Whilst it is fairly thick in texture it melts to an oil like consistency on contact with the skin and leaves my skin feeling wonderfully soft. I’ve found that a little goes a very long way as well, which with a product priced like this can only be a good thing. Perfect for your own mini spa day at home.


MSH – Navy Kaftan – RRP £25.00


Here is a brand that has featured a few times through various Moi-meme boxes. They offer a huge range of items from gloves, scarves to beachwear. Based in Glasgow, the founders Maggie and Ann work with local designers to create their high quality and affordable range.


For this box we received a light, floaty Kaftan, perfect to pop on over a bikini. The design is ‘one size fits all’, and the light material flows nicely.


Pivotal – Facial Cooling Globes – RRP £25.00


Now, these came at a fantastic time for me, because after seeing some very positive reviews, this is exactly what I was looking for to add to my beauty tools. Pivotal are based in the USA and are focused on tools such as make up brushes and these cooling globes.


Cooling globes are said to assist with a multitude of skin and health issues. The main thing I’ve seen them used for is to aid in puffiness, in particular to the undereye area. According to the booklet that came in my box, these can also be used reduce facial tension and help stimulate blood flow to the muscles of the face. This then aids to give a tightening and lighting effect.


I can speak quite highly regarding how these globes help to reduce puffiness to the face, but I’ll need a far more prolonged use to determine the claims to help with the firmness of the skin. Whilst the booklet states you can keep these in the freezer, I personally opt for the fridge so that they aren’t as cold and have used these in the final step of my skincare routine to help work in my moisturiser and any residual serums into my skin.


Seacret – Mineral Rich Body Mud – 400g – RRP £30.00


Another brand I’ve come across before is Seacret. I’ve trialled both the foot mud and the sunscreen and really enjoyed using both, so I have high hopes for the body mud. Seacret are a brand that harness the powers of rich mud, salts and minerals from the Dead Sea to create luxury products.


For The Jet Set box we received the Mineral Rich Body Mud, intended to help prepare the skin for a sunny holiday due to its detoxifying and hydrating benefits. To use, just spread a layer of mud over any areas of the body that need attention – of all of it so long as you avoid the face.  Leave for 15 minutes and then rinse off in the shower.


Now, I haven’t tried this yet, and I’m a little sceptical about how messy it might end up being given that it’s described as a body mud. That being said, the mud therapy foot mud that I’ve tried in the past wasn’t messy at all, so perhaps this will be much the same. I’m saving this for my next at home spa day, so I’ll report back with my final thoughts over on my Instagram when I’ve used it!




And that sums up the contents of the July Luxury box! The total value of this box comes in at just under £150.00, which is pretty great for a £55.00 subscription box. The standout product for me is absolutely the Lola’s Apothecary Body Soufflé, I can see myself using this very frequently, although to make it last I will probably reserve it for my Sunday night pamper. This is one of the many reasons I love Moi-meme, because I wouldn’t typically look to go out and buy a £43.00 moisturiser. This subscription box allows me to try out products I haven’t discovered or would typically be hesitant to purchase at full price.


If you’d like to see these products a little closer, go check out my video over on my brand-new YouTube channel. 



  1. This box sounds so fancy and I love everything you've received in it!! I need that luggage tag, it's so cute x

    1. It is! It's my treat to myself and I absolutely love it! The luggage tag is very cute, I can't wait until I can finally use it!

      Em x

  2. Oooh this box definitely sounds amazing, and I love that there is a lot of wonderful high end products!

    1. They do send some great stuff! It's safe to say the value of the box always exceeds the subscription paid. Truly a wonderful box!

      Em x

  3. Love the look of the Jet Set box, sounds like you really get some fab products in it. The body mud is right up my street and the Cooling Globe, so cool!


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