Friday 19 February 2021

The Plant Trio - Mystery Giveaway!

As some of you may (or may not) know, I co-run a second Instagram account alongside of Em’s World Blog, and that account is ‘The Plant Trio’. The Plant Trio, as you may have guessed is run by three of us, myself and my two close friends Katie and Chloe, and is focused around our ever growing obsession for house plants.


(Image provided by Katie in connection with the giveaway)

You’ll find a mix of plant related content over there from regular plants you can grab while out grocery shopping, to rarer, more expensive or hard to come by plants, different types of pests and how to get rid of them, terrariums, substrate mixes and propagation methods. Basically anything that involved a plant, even vaguely is likely to make its way


The Plant Trio was started as something the three of us could do together, while apart, that also catered to a hobby we all shared and I have to say, I’m really glad we did it and hope the other two are enjoying it as much as I am!


So to celebrate, we will be running a mystery giveaway when we hit 250 followers! I’ve tried to answer any questions that anyone may have below, but if I’ve missed anything, or you have further questions please feel free to comment or drop a message to our Instagram.



So, what will the prizes be? Well, the prizes will be a small selection of cuttings from within our own personal collections. We will be starting the rooting process ahead of time to try and get some roots established before the cuttings are sent, however, due to the nature of cuttings there is a chance that some won’t be rooted yet – or will have minimal amount of roots.


Can you root the cuttings for me? We can hang onto the cuttings a little longer to allow them more time to root prior to sending, and will do so at the request of the winner.


How will the cuttings be sent? Due to the plants being a mix of rooted and unrooted cuttings, we will be sending each cutting in moss. They will be sent via Royal Mail, using next day delivery on a Monday or Tuesday to ensure minimal time in transit. We will package the plants as securely as possible, but unfortunately cannot control or be responsible for transit damage or delays.


What if my cutting dies? Whilst we will make sure each cutting is as healthy as possible prior to sending, the responsibility for continuing the care of the cuttings will fall to the winner. If you do not know how to care for the cuttings, let us know and we will help in any way we can.


Who can enter? Anyone who lives in the UK, and follows the instructions that will be posted on our Instagram can enter!


How will the winner be contacted? The winner will be announced via our stories which will be saved to our ‘giveaway’ highlight, and they will be sent a message from our Instagram page. We will not use any other page or account to contact the winner, nor will we ask you for any money or bank details. If we cannot get hold of the winner, a new winner will be selected – the original winner will have a week to respond.


How do I enter? A few days after we hit our 250 goal there will be a giveaway post. To enter, simply head on over to our giveaway post, like and save our post and tag a plant loving friend. You can tag as many as you like, and each comment with a tag counts as one entry. You can earn yourself an additional entry by sharing our post and tagging us in your stories!


Will there be giveaways in the future? Yes! We will most certainly be hosting more giveaways. We are even prepping to include some more special cuttings in future giveaways, so stay tuned!


We’ll be launching the giveaway shortly after we hit 250 followers, so if you want to be involved make sure you are following us!  


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