Wednesday 10 June 2020

May Lookback

We’re yet another month into lockdown, and I have to say… I don’t hate it. As much as May wasn’t hugely different to April as we couldn’t really go anywhere or do anything, I do feel like I’ve settled more into a ‘normal’ routine in the past month. If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories you’ll have seen that I’ve been out and about walking fairly frequently in the month of May and have started to explore the wider area around me which has lead me to discovering some new scenic and varied walks.


There is something very therapeutic about setting off on a walk with no real route or destination in mind and just going wherever your feet take you. I’ve found all kinds of places that I never knew were practically on my doorstep and I’ve covered some pretty good distance, racking up just over 80 miles for May. Since it became allowed to see one person outside at distance, a friend of mine who I would usually walk with has been joining me which has lifted my mood hugely. Although it does feel a little strange to walk together while still staying away from each other it’s been lovely all the same.


I’ve also re-discovered a love of plants, and have been slowly filling our home with new little plant babies. I’ve even tried my hand at propagating a few which so far is going well. Looking after my new little plants and watching them grow has been quite therapeutic, and since finding some of them pretty new pots in our local garden centre they look quite attractive and really help decorate the various rooms in our home. With the lovely weather we had I’ve taken the opportunity to pull everything out of our garden and start re-filling the planters with fresh soil and brand new plants. Not only does the garden look considerably better, but it’s been great to get outside doing a physical job that we’ve also been meaning to get round to for ages.


It’s just as well I could get out and about and do things to elevate my mood really, because the end of May was quite sad. Given that we were supposed to fly out to America on the 29th May to get married in Nashville, it made for a funny few days of constantly thinking about what we should be doing and where we should be while being stuck at home instead. A further downer was added on the morning of the 1st June when the registry office called to tell us that our legal wedding on the 10th June couldn’t go ahead either as weddings in Norfolk (even tiny ones only intended for the legal element like ours) still haven’t been given the all clear.


As much as we’ve been assured that communications are pending, and once they are updated they’ll do everything they can to get us booked in as soon as possible, I’m also very mindful of the fact that we are part of a long list of couples in the exact same situation. I would imagine it’s quite likely that we’ll be waiting for quite a long time while they try their best to work through everyone.


There’s no two ways around it, it’s a difficult and shitty situation but I’m trying to see the positives as much as possible. Even if it does really feel like there is much positive to see. I just keep reminding myself that our wedding isn’t cancelled, it just isn’t happening quite when or how we wanted it to. We still live in a beautiful home together, and both very much love each other and want to get married; none of that has changed. As much as I’m sad that we aren’t in America right now, and not getting married next week that feeling of sadness doesn’t change anything, so I’m trying to take a positive spin and not dwell to much on the negative. Although as you can imagine that is far easier said than done.


It can be hard somethings to talk about these kinds of things on here because I like my blog to be a positive place, and not all doom, gloom and sadness. At the same time however, it’s life, and a massive part of my life. No matter what we do, life will not always be sunshine and rainbows, and there will be challenges to face. The important thing is how we tackle them, which is why I’m all the more determined to be as positive as possible, in spite of the negative. 


That just about rounds up all that’s gone on in May, but with more lovely weather ahead of us I’m feeling strangely quite positive at the moment, and I’m looking forward to what is ahead in June.




  1. I am so sorry about your wedding, It is so difficult when something you have been planning for so long is taken away from you.

    Hopefully you'll have a new date and your day will be even more special x x

    1. We're hoping that we can get a new date soon, as it kind of feels like we are in limbo at the moment. Thank you so much for your kind comment.

      Em xx

  2. Ah, I'm so sorry you're in limbo over your wedding date, that sucks, but as you say, it's postponed, definitely not cancelled. And I'm loving the sound of all that plant propagation, it's one of my favourite things to do too! Lisa x

    1. That's what we keep hanging onto :) I'm loving all my new plant babies! Now that I have so much more time, I can pay a little more attention to what they need and watch them grow!

      Em xx


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