Monday 13 April 2020

Sigma Brush Cleaning Bundle

Ah.... brush cleaning... my least favourite job. I love having fresh new make up brushes to use, but I always find it a massive effort to get them that way. Plus, as I would typically wear make up daily, I always find myself needing something from the not quite dry yet half of my brush collection.

Given that we are currently in lockdown and I’m no longer leaving the house, I’m giving my skin a break and not wearing make up at the moment. This means it’s the perfect time to stop procrastinating, pull out every brush I own and restore them back to being clean, shiny and new. As my existing brush cleaner was quite old, and not quite strong enough to properly remove my more stubborn make up, I decided to invest in some more and went for the Sigma Beauty brush cleanser trio. 

The price was a little more steep than I would typically go for a cleaner, at £33.95 from Beauty Bay, but don’t forget, it is a trio, so works out at a little over £11 per cleaning item.

Item number one of this bundle is the SigMagic Scrub. This is a two in one product all on its own with a solid soap like scrub which works together with the silicone texture to really help dislodge tougher make up. It’s essentially  a bar of soap with an in built cleaning pad. It also has three little suction cups on the bottom so you can secure it to the inside of your sink while cleaning.

Next up is the SigMagin Brish Shampoo Liquid. This is the original formula, designed with the thought of every day cleaning in mind.

Last but no least is the SigMagic Brush Shampoo Foam. This is essentially the same formula as the liquid, but in a foam form, which is probably more practical for me in terms of a quick clean, as it can be applied directly to your brushes.

So how do they work? The all natural formulas work to gently dissolve bacteria and product build up, which will not only help with make up application, but also helps your skin as you aren’t using dirty brushes on it. 

When I came to clean all my brushes I put a couple of squirts of the liquid formula in a clean jar and topped up with warm water. The liquid bubbled up, almost like a washing up liquid and I dumped my dirtier brushes straight in to soak. I was amazed (and slightly disgusted) at how quickly the water changed colour as the formula immediately set to work at dislodging my make up, along with whatever grime was lurking in my brushes.

For the majority of my brushes, just soaking them was enough to get them clean. All that was needed was a thorough rinse under the tap and they were perfectly clean and ready to be put on the windowsill to dry. Some of my denser brushes, or one rather mucky foundation brush that had been lost in my makeup draw for who knows how long needed a little more love. For these I switched to the foam, along with my textured silicone brush cleaning pad which worked a treat at removing the final traces of makeup.

I didn’t end up needing the scrub in the end, so will probably use that for quick cleans, while the other two will be more for deep cleans. Given how easy and hassle free the cleaning process was, I won’t feel nearly as reluctant to do it on a much more regular basis. What’s more is once they had dried, my brushes were soft and fluffy, in the way that new brushes are. I’ve used brush cleaners in the past which have left my brushes kind of clumped together, which has subsequently meant I’ve thrown the brushes away as they were unusable.

All in all, my brushes have come up like new, with very little time or effort required, and now I have a full set of beautiful clean brushes to use. This makes this set a very worthwhile purchase in my book!

What products do you use to keep your beauty tools clean? 



  1. Cleaning my brushes is one of those tasks that I dread doing but once it's done, I feel much better lol. I definitely need to clean them all, like yourself I'm giving my skin a break from make up and with all this spare time, I have no excuse to not do it. I've never tried the sigma stuff but definitely going to check it out after reading your review, sounds really good and easy to use! I've been using olive oil & hand wash for mine as the oil breaks up the make up and allows it to come off a lot easier than not using it but it gets tedious always having to mix it up after doing 3 or 4 brushes.

    Jordanne ||

    1. Same! Sometimes I'll go find a different brush just to put it off, but I've got to the point where they all needed doing.

      I used to use soap and warm water, but found that I had to go over the same brush a few times before it was clean, and I was a little worried that I was damaging the brushes with scrubbing them. The fact that most of these were clean from a 2-3 minute soak and nothing more was pretty amazing! Not to mention so much quicker!

      Em xx


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