Tuesday 14 January 2020

January Goals 2020

New month, new year, new goals! There’s something quite satisfying about setting goals for a fresh new year, even if I have followed my typical fashion and posted them late… ah well.

Before looking at what I want to do in January, let’s have a look back over how I did with my December goals.

Do some craft
I got most of the bits together that I needed for a Christmas decoration piece for my dining table but never got round to it. Given our décor I’m fairly confident I can adapt it to something suitable for all year round, so I’ll work on it at some point.

Drink more water
My colleague was a great help, and filled up my water bottle several times through the day, so I’m getting a pretty good intake of water through the day now. 

Drink less caffeine

I’ve managed to switch to caffeine free coffee in the afternoons, and with my increased water consumption I’m not drinking anywhere near as much coffee anyway – success!

Get some decorations up
I set aside an afternoon to Christmas the house to make up for no decorations last year, so, tick!

Finish Christmas shopping

This was made easier by my friends all deciding not to do presents this year. We’re all going to America in the summer, so money is pretty tight for all of us. Instead, we each put £10 in a pot, and used that pot to have an evening together, paying for food, drink, taxis and a night out. Time together was far more valuable that any ‘thing’ that could be brought, and it really took the pressure off.

Get a new planner
I said last month that without a new planner I’d be all over the place. I still haven’t got one, and guess what…. I have no idea what I’m doing most of the time.

Get a new credit card
I ended up needing the credit card, so haven’t got a new one as I want to clear it first. I don’t want to move the balance from one to the other, I’d rather have a fresh start with a new card.

Get back in the gym
I did pretty well at getting myself into the gym through December, especially over Christmas and New Year when it was quiet and I had the whole gym to myself. I’m pretty pleased with this, as the ‘New year new me’ crowd always make the gym a nightmare for the first few weeks of January...

I’m feeling a little indifferent toward my last set of goals. Maybe because it was last year, but possibly because they were pretty dull and I wasn’t particularly bothered about them when putting them together. By contrast I’m looking forward to my new goals for January..

Vegan Cooking
I’m not doing vegan January, but my best friend is having surgery on her spine at the end of January. She’ll be totally immobile for the first few weeks. She may even be bedbound for as long as a month. Whilst I’m sure her boyfriend will try his best to cater to her vegan diet, he’s confessed he can only cook one or two meals for her.

My goal is to find loads of meals, cook them, freeze them and take them to her. She’ll be able to eat more than the same two things for a month, and it will hopefully take the pressure off her other half too, as there will be meals ready and waiting that just need heating.

PlannerGiven that January is a tight month that seems to go on forever, I think I’ll do this toward the end of January after payday. Regardless, I really need to get myself a 2020 planner.

Eat better & Gym
It’s now exactly six months until I get married… so I should probably start working towards the body I want on the day. I’m usually pretty comfortable in my own skin, but I haven’t been of late. I think it’s a bit of a case of January blues, but I’m hoping some clean eating and exercise will make me feel better. I’m aware that getting in the gym may be difficult as it tends to be packed in January.

See the baby seals
Living in Norfolk means it’s pretty easy to nip out to the coast, and stroll along the beaches where seals are currently having their pups. We wanted to go at some point between Christmas and New Year but were poorly. I’d like to go in January while they are still about.

Saving plan
I want to get a saving plan together to implement after February pay day. I used to be really good at saving each month, and had a pretty healthy savings account. Buying a house and going traveling blew everything in my savings, and there’s very little left in there at the moment. This was kind of highlighted when our tyre blew at the beginning of the month and we had to shell out for a new one. It would be ideal to get back into routine so that I at the very least have a rainy day fund.

Wedding dress
I need to get on this… I have less than six months to find, buy and sort any alterations needed. It’s starting to instil some panic as I’m very aware I’m on the clock, which I don’t like.

Flights and vehicle hire
We’ve deliberately held off booking flights for the wedding until now, as they are supposed to be cheaper in January. There’s a fair few of us travelling, with slightly different priorities which could make things a little difficult. Once we’ve got our flights sorted it means we can arrange the vehicle hire for the week.

Start planning Mike’s birthday
It’s Mikes birthday in February, so I want to start planning for it now, presents, what to do and so on. It falls on a Wednesday this year, but as we both have the day off it’s my plan to take him somewhere rather than us just be at home.  

Get back into a rhythm
I’ve fallen out of sync with blogging of late, and I want to find my rhythm again. I’ve not been active on social media either, even though I have content I can post sitting in my drafts. I’ve had my Christmas break and now it’s time to get back into the swing of things!

Do you have any goals this month?



  1. Well done on achieving most of Decembers goals, I find getting enough water one of the toughest goals even though it's really simple so well done haha. Loving your goals for January, good luck achieving them but I'm sure you will 💪 seeing the baby seals sounds great, that would be so cute!

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

    1. Thank you sweet! It should be so easy right?! Lucky the apprentice in our office is on board, and keeps filling up my water bottle so I get more in.

      Managed to tick off a few - although I haven't seen the seals yet!

      Em xx


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