Monday 2 December 2019

November Lookback

I know I'm probably starting to sound like a broken record, but time is going by so fast! In fact, it won't be long until the year is over which is kind of scary. I also know this post is slightly late... I’d had intended to type everything up on and post on Sunday, but spent the day with a raging hangover instead... so, sorry it’s late!

There’s been a fair bit going on this month, the biggest thing to note being that I changed job, which has had a massive impact on me in a positive way.  I talk a little more in depth over on a dedicated post. The summary is that I’m much happier, to the point that I actually look forward to going to work again.

With the new job came a pay rise, so I got to treat myself just a little bit in the Black Friday sales. I mainly stayed sensible and topped up on things I use daily, but I did treat myself to some other bits and pieces too, such as new gym leggings and some new make up bits.
Being happier at work has had a positive impact on my personal life too. I’m not feeling any where near as drained and I have the energy and motivation to get out and about. From collecting little slices of wood from my friends fire wood stock for a craft project later in the month, to going to see Frozen 2 (which was awesome by the way) to having nights out with friends.

The blog is also doing pretty well too. I’ve started to become a little more active on social media and it’s been great for getting more traffic and comments to my blog. In fact I’ve had more traffic this month than in the previous 3, so whatever I’m doing it seems to be working! 
All in all it’s been a pretty positive month. I’ve got plenty of time booked off throughout December, so I’ll get a lovely long rest before we launch into the New Year.
How was your November? 

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