Tuesday 2 July 2019

June 2019 look back

Despite the weather for June being most un-summery at times, especially near the beginning, June was been a pretty good month for me and has created many fond memories. There’s been some fun times with friends, I’ve not only learned a new skill, but I’ve also set the wheels in motion for what will be one of the biggest events of my life.

Anyway, enough vague hints about what I got up to, let’s get onto what I actually did.


Baby showerA friend from work is expecting her little one soon, so a few of us got together to do a baby shower for her. I’ve personally never been to one, as none of my close friends have got to the stage that they are having babies yet, and I don’t live anywhere near my extended family who have started having children, so didn’t really know what to expect.


We did a raffle, in which the entry was a pack of nappies which the mum to be gets to take home. Sadly I didn’t win the flamingo drinks holder… We played guess the baby with photos of all of us when we were small, and had a lovely afternoon tea together. Sarah from work did such a great job organising everything and decorating. The house looked absolutely beautiful and the soon to be Mum had a great time.


I’d been warned prior to going that all the baby talk would make me broody, and whilst it did a little, all the talk about labour put me right off. That along with all the talk of sleepless nights and never ending poo… I think I’ll stick with my fur-baby for now. To be fair, I’ve never been particularly interested in babies, I’d much rather a puppy...

BikeSo I mentioned in my look back last month that I was booked for a CBT as a birthday present from my friends. This came right at the end of the month, so I spent the whole of June being nervous excited for it, having never ridden a motorbike before. It’s also the reason this post has come slightly late in the day as I wanted the chance to include it properly. Although let’s face it, being a little late is pretty normal for me anyway!


Luckily a friend of ours also wanted to do his, so we went together which meant that at least there was someone I knew there. You go for the whole day, starting at 8:30 in the morning and not finishing until around 5 in the evening, so its pretty full on. Once finished you can ride a bike up to a 125cc with L plates on, or, you can take a theory and two practical tests to get the full bike licence, allowing you to ride any bike you like.

You can borrow any of the protective clothing from the test centre, but I was really glad to have my own already from riding on the back of Mike’s bike. The thought of putting on a helmet for the day, that someone else has worn, is absolutely not something I want to entertain. I mean, people take exams wearing those, I don’t want to wear something full of nervous head sweat… ewww...

Unfortunately for me, we had blazing sun all day, and I ended up with heat stroke, threw up, and couldn’t finish do the road ride. I’ll be back next week to finish it off, when it will hopefully be a little cooler. Despite being poorly, I still really enjoyed it, and seemed to pick everything up reasonably quick.

WeddingProbably the biggest highlight of the month… Mike and I have finally found a venue that is absolutely perfect for us, and have our wedding booked at long last. We’ve been engaged for well over a year, despite neither of us wanting a long engagement. We’ll be getting married in June 2020, so have a little under a year to get everything sorted. My Pinterest is currently full to the brim with wedding spam while we get everything sorted for the big day.


Despite not being one of those people who has had their whole wedding planned out all their life, I’ve quickly got a pretty good idea of what I do and don’t want, and I’m lucky that my friend Katie has been pretty great at helping. Now I just have to focus on not eating chocolate all the time, and should probably ramp up my effort in the gym…

Despite my bout of sun stroke, I really enjoyed June, and can’t wait to see what July brings. With the better weather, and my birthday, I’m sure I’ve got a great month ahead.

What did you get up to in June?

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